Sales enablement in a pragmatic way

The traditional gap between sales and marketing belongs to the past. Optimize your sales team activities by providing them with qualified leads. Manage activities and motivate your sales team.

Ensure appropriate follow up by sales:

  • Inform account managers about the interests of their leads
  • Follow the activitiesat the later stages of the lead lifecycle
  • Support sales with commercial follow up mails

The right solution for every situation
  Express Professional Distributed
  Excellent for local teams For marketing teams that are ready to go to the next level Especially for channel partners

With Aim-Enable we keep the conversation with leads going. If necessary we can add incentive programs to boost sales.
Siemens - EMEA

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When you manage your follow up process you successfuly convert leads

1. Keep your sales team informed about their leads
2. Manage follow-up process with "sales activity management"
3. Motivate your sales team through a sales incentive campaign
4. Support account managers with "sales follow-up mails"

Aim-Enable supports the final stages of lead lifecycle

Lead_Capturing_light.png Nurturing_light.png
Increase_Sales_wbackground.png Retention_wbackground.png
  • Sales development: with sale support e-mails
  • Customer retention: with up-selling & cross-selling campaigns

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