Customer loyalty & customer satisfaction

98% of people who start their computer first check their mailbox. E-mail marketing is still a very good and efficient way to inform your customers and bring them to your website, if used in the right way.

Pragmatic & result-oriented:

  • Personalization with dynamic fields
  • Increase recognition with own templates and landing pages
  • Statistics to individual level
  • Understanding your customers interests

The right solution for every situation
  Express Professional Distributed
  Excellent for local teams For marketing teams that are ready to go to the next level Especially for channel partners

With Aim-Retain, we can reach our members in an easy way and have a better understanding of their interests and needs."Ruud Rijker - Studio Perfect"
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Retain customers and stimulate business growth

1. Personalize messages
2. Send relevant information to your customers
3. Build knowledge about your customers and segment by interest
4. Improve conversions of subsequent assignments by understanding results

Aim-Retain keeps customers engaged

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  • Customer retention: with newsletters and up-selling & cross-selling campaigns

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