Content Collaboration

Content collaboration

The right content is the key to success!


1. Content distribution "on demand" or "pro-active"
2. Brand and corporate identity with Content Permission Management
3. Dynamic content and update management
4. Content collaboration workflows

Distribute complete campaigns to sub-accounts

  • Pro-actively send content directly to the inboxes of sub-accounts
  • Distribute to the individual sub-accounts or to defined groups of accounts
  • Complete campaigns including e-mailers, landing pages and web forms
  • Place "ready to use" content in a library for "on-demand" usage

Define what content can be modified and what not

  • Specify which content items can be edited by sub-accounts and which can't
  • Segment distribution to markets, products and countries
  • Sub-accounts can modify or add content locally


E-mailer distribution

Dynamic pages for sub-accounts and resellers

  • Manage content centrally
  • Sub-accounts can use main content created centrally
  • Dynamic Resellers' content such as logos, account details etc. help personalize pages
  • Customization of content is fast and easy for the entire channel
  • Pages can be activated of disactivated for individual sub-accounts
  • Pages work as local pages

Content collaboration workflows

  • Add content creators (writers, translators etc.) to the platform
  • Start content collaboration workflows globally
  • Manage and track progress and results
  • Take advantage of local expertise and market knowledge
Collaboration process

The impact of content collaboration on the lead lifecycle stages

Lead_Capturing_wbackground.png Nurturing_wbackground.png Increase_Sales_wbackground.png Retention_wbackground.png
  • Lead generation: with content distribution and central campaigns using dynamic resellers' content
  • Lead development: with distributed nurturing mails
  • Sales management: with localized sales follow-up mails
  • Customer retention: with loyalty campaigns available in content library

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