Distributed Eition

Distributed Edition

Distributed marketing for the entire lead lifecycle

Successful channel management requires special attention and solutions. How do you ensure a quick and effective implementation of marketing programs in the channel? How do you support your partners so they can focus on local sales? The distributed marketing platform from AimFirst makes this possible.

High-end marketing automation for channels
  • All lead lifecycle elements are available in a distributed environment (from e-mail marketing to lead development)
  • Campaigns can be performed centrally on behalf of individual partners
  • Partners have their own account, lists & database
  • Brand consistency is guaranteed
  • Multi -Channel content distribution with permission management

The right solution for every situation
Distributed Enablement Distributed Retention
  Lead generation and development for channels Lead follow-up for channels Customer retention for channels

With the Distributed Edition of AimFirst platform, Connect4Fit is able to support more than 50 sports centra with their own microsites and managed membership benefit program.
Learn how the AimFirst solution is working for Connect4Fit
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Connect your partners with the distributed marketing platform and increase their success

1. Partners have access to a professional lead generation tool without large investments
2. Dynamic resellers' templates provide personalized campaigns (think global act local)
3. Learn about the best practices and share this knowledge in the channel
4. Centralized overview of local activities

Distributed Edition supports all phases of the lead lifecycle

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Increase_Sales_wbackground.png Retention_wbackground.png
  • Lead generation: E-mail marketing and Inbound Marketing for each partner
  • Lead development: with global campaigns and follow up rules
  • Sales development: with channel sales campaigns
  • Customer retention: with up-selling & cross-selling campaigns

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