Distributed Marketing

Distributed marketing

All aspects of Lead Lifecycle Management in your sales channel


1. Partners benefit from "economies of scale"
2. Permission management ensures a clear allocation of tasks
3. Partners' brand and corporate identity remain consistent
4. Partners can focus on their core business

Combine local resources with centralized support and control

  • Convert lifecycle management into all distribution channels
  • Combine central functions with local forces
  • Channel partners will benefit from corporate campaigns
  • Channel partners will retain their unique identity
  • Secured prospect databases for channel partners
  • Centralized management ensures full overview and control and allows campaign optimization

Give users access to tools they need to perform, no overkill

  • Carefully define roles and rules for individual users
  • To avoid any risk, protect functionality based on permissions
  • Create custom users' roles
  • Users have their individual logins

Platform permissie management

Manage both corporate and partner's identity

  • Create corporate and partner's templates
  • Choose partner or corporate identity per campaign
  • Distribute dedicated content & campaigns to partners
  • Define which content can be modified and which can't
  • Mixed content model (corporate/central content + partner/local content)
  • Dynamic partner's fields support content personalization

Support your partners and accelerate efficiency

  • Tasks can be performed centrally on behalf of individual partners
  • Partners maintain control over execution
  • Centralized management provides focus on implementation and progress
  • Results are tracked with different dashboards

The impact of distributed marketing on the lead lifecycle stages

Lead_Capturing_wbackground.png Nurturing_wbackground.png Increase_Sales_wbackground.png Retention_wbackground.png
  • Lead generation: with local approach in the channel
  • Lead development: with workflow management for resellers
  • Sales development: with channel-sales-reward campaigns
  • Customer retention: with ready to use retention campaigns and rewards

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