Inbound Marketing

Inbound marketing

Open the door for new customers!


1. Easily create landing pages and microsites
2. Use web forms for lead development and nurturing
3. Ensure the right traffic to your pages
4. Measure and optimize traffic with analytics tools

Landing pages designed for conversion

  • Create landing pages and microsites without extra costs for hosting and servers
  • No HTML skills required
  • Dynamic navigation
  • Use our standard templates or easily upload your own
  • Easily add forms and page links
  • Social sharing integration
  • Google Analytics Integration
  • Secure pages with SSL certificates (https://)
  • Personalize landing pages with dynamic reseller data (only for distributed version)

Lead capturing and nurturing with intelligent web forms

  • Easily create your own forms or use our standard ones
  • Use your form as a SMART form to incease conversion
  • Autoresponders send a confirmation mail after submission
  • Opt-in and double opt-in provides legal approval for list building
  • Develop interests with smart "forward" function after submit (based on the data in the form)

SMART forms
Unknown visitor
Known visitor

Manage multichannel traffic to your landing pages

  • Search Engine Marketing (SEM)
    - Use SEO friendly URL's
    - Duplicate content management ensures higher ranking
  • Social Media Marketing
    - Social sharing integration wherever you want
  • Video Marketing
     - Video widgets enrich your content on landing pages
  • Pay Per Click
    - Banner tracking tools provide better insight in your traffic sources

Analyze the level of activity on your landing pages and microsites

  • Web traffic dashboards provide insight into page traffic
  • Integration with Google Analytics ensures quality information
  • Form dashboards present who and when submited your web forms
  • Banner tracking indicates which banners generate traffic and which don't
  • Social Media dashboard integration (optional)

The impact of inbound marketing on the lead lifecycle stages

Lead_Capturing_wbackground.png Nurturing_wbackground.png Increase_Sales_light.png Retention_light.png
  • Lead generation: through multichannel traffic
  • Lead development:with landing pages and smart forms

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