Lead Management

Lead management

Understanding the profiles and behaviour of your contacts


1. Contacts are the core of the Lead Lifecycle process
2. Focus on the right contacts with Lead Scoring
3. Boost conversions with dynamic content
4. Contact list management ensures that your database stays clean and up to date
5. Permission management & Opt-in

Focus on lead development

  • Have insight in where your leads are in the lead lifecycle
  • Centralized database of unique contacts
  • Gain information about your contacts with multichannel campaigns
  • Initiate activities to stimulate further interest

Send truly qualified leads to sales with Lead Scoring

Leadscore grading diagram
  • Increase sales efficiency and effectiveness by attaching values to each lead
  • Increase marketing effectiveness by targeted inbound and outbound programs
  • Tighten marketing and sales alignment by establishing common definitions
  • Save time by automating the majority of the lead scoring process
  • Share ready to use lead scoring sets with your channel partners

Dynamic or Smart Content – provide a relevant experience to your leads

  • Automatically display variations of content to your leads based on what you know about them
  • Provide a more relevant experience to your leads and increase your engagement rates
  • Increase your sales team efficiency as staff spend less time fielding prospects’ questions.
  • Shorten you campaign execution and easier the process by spending less time building segmented lists and multiple assets
Dynamic Content Boosts Conversion

Import, deduplicate and segment contact data

  • Easily import your contact lists
  • Automated de-duping
  • Bounce management keeps database up to date
  • Create unlimited segments and use them in "follow-up" campaigns
  • Contacts can exist in multiple groups but remain unique

Increase your conversion with permission marketing

  • Build your contact list by using Inbound Marketing campaigns
  • Add contacts to your list by using opt-in forms
  • Single or double opt-in processes
  • Enter a "permission pass" in your communication

The impact of lead management on the lead lifecycle stages

Lead_Capturing_wbackground.png Nurturing_wbackground.png Increase_Sales_wbackground.png Retention_wbackground.png
  • Lead development: with smart "follow-up" campaigns
  • Sales management: with qualified "sales ready" leads

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