Reporting & analysis

Reporting & analysis

Focus on activities that bring results!


1. Follow conversions regarding lead development
2. Insight in nurturing programs shows you what message works and what doesn't
3. Insight upto personal level
4. Optimize landing pages with web traffic dashboards

Lead development management provides insight into ROI

  • Monitor the lead development process with dashboards
  • Aggregated reviews of multiple campaigns
  • Real-time overviews
  • Direct insight into results and ROI

See at a glance which messages appeal to your target audience

  • Follow the progress of the campaign with nurturing dashboards
  • Inbetween optimization of campaigns
  • Real-time charts
  • Respond quickly to actual situation

View detailed information of which leads respond to a "call to action"

  • Quickly see which content is successful
  • Which leads show the biggest interest
  • View and download list of leads with the biggest interest
  • Discover which mailing lists/segments produce the best results

Measure and monitor activities on landing pages and microsites

  • Web traffic dashboards provide insight into traffic on your pages
  • Google Analytics integration provides qualitative information and statements
  • Form dashboards present who and when submited your web forms
  • Banner tracking indicates which banners generate traffic and which don't
  • Social Media dashboard integration (optional)

The impact of reports & analysis on the lead lifecycle stages

Lead_Capturing_wbackground.png Nurturing_wbackground.png Increase_Sales_wbackground.png Retention_light.png
  • Lead generation: dashboards with webtraffic and e-mail statistics
  • Lead development: by using nurtuting overviews
  • Sales management: by using activity dashboards

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