Sales Follow Up

The lead lifecycle doesn't stop with a marketing lead


1. Keep your sales team informed about the "signals" sent by their sales leads
2. Manage follow-up with "sales activity management"
3. Motivate your sales team with incentive campaigns"
4. Support account managers with "sales follow-up mails"

Sales "signals" ensures account managers following their leads at the right time

  • Sends "alerts" to inform account managers when their leads are showing interest
  • Integrate "sales signals" with follow-up mails and track clicks
  • Provide insight to what when and where the interest is shown

Keep the lead development process rolling with activity management

  • Seamlessly integrate human sales activities with marketing automation process
  • Continuosly follow the lead lifecycle and gain insight into the overall process till the close of a deal
  • Activity dasboards provide insight into the lead development process
  • Learn what the best practices are and share this with other members of the team
  • Focus on coaching in areas where needed

With "incentive management" you provide extra motivation to achieve goals

  • Reward sales people for their success
  • Manage your sales by clear definition for what and when you give rewards
  • Fully managed & controlled incentive campaign
  • You incentive program is in line with compliance legislation

Respond quickly to prospects' interest with "sales follow-up mails"

  • Create your sales set with predefined and qualitative succesion mails
  • Account managers can add their personal introductions
  • Personalize mails with dynamic fields such as "name" and "company"
  • Track the sales follow-up mails with reports about "opens" and "clicks"
  • Send buying signals back to your sales teams

The impact of sales management on the lead lifecycle stages

Lead_Capturing_light.png Nurturing_light.png Increase_Sales_wbackground.png Retention_light.png
  • Sales management: by managing organizing and reporting of sales activities

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