The New Way to success. engagement. growth.

AimFirst supports companies in finding new prospects and convert them into business.
From the first contact to the final deal. In the most cost-efficient and effective way.
We call it Lead Lifecycle Management As-a-Service.


Solution not Toolbox

You do not want another toolbox that requires plenty of additional resources? With AimFirst you benefit from end-to-end solutions.


Business as a Service

You want to focus on your core business? We deliver our solutions in complete service boxes. How pleasant is that?


Full lead lifecycle

You want to break old paterns with seperate cilo's for marketing & sales? Our lead-development flow connect marketing & sales seamlessly.


Channel proof

Do you work with distributors, partner channels, agents or seperate BU's? AimFirst offers special Distributed solutions to fulfill your needs.


Complete & Integrated

Are you tired of having so many different systems? Customers keep telling us that we offer very complete solutions.


Growth focus

Do you want to accelerate your business growth? We have a natural talent for Growth Hacking and bring this to market.


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Our Difference

Many companies do not have the expertise and resources to keep up with the rapidly evolving online marketing world. However, they do need a state-of-the-art lead development process.
For these companies, we have developed a total solution. Not only a toolbox but additional services to successfully deploy and operate these tools as well. This requires specialists which companies often don't have available. We have this expertise and deliver solutions in Best Practice Packages. What makes AimFirst different as well is our focus on doing business by heart what means that our primary focus is to do things well, taking care of customers and helping them to succeed.

As-A-Service Solutions
Results Focus
Business by heart
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