Sales Follow-Up

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What is the value of qualified leads without proper sales follow-up?
Do not burden your sales team with complicated crm tasks, let them focus on what matters.
Boost your sales process with "sales activity management".
Seamlesly integrate with Marketing Automation!

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What are your benefits?
  • Lead follow up tools (lead allocation, sales qualification & activity management)
  • Sales funnel management
  • Sales follow up mails
  • Automated sales alerts
AimFirst Tools are designed for solving customer issues. Most of our technology has been build as a result of market research and customer feedback. We do not build tools because we think it will be useful, instead, requirements for new features are born in the field and not in the engineering department. AimFirst tools are an integrated part of all Packages and Portals.
Our core technology values include:
    1. Fit for purpose; offering a complete toolbox without "window dressing";
    2. Flexibel & scalable; it's important to understand different business- and organizational-models and grow as they grow;
    3. Company and distributed; we focus on enabling the complete supply chain not just one instance;



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